Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wow! I almost forgot that I even had a BLOG!

I rarely ever get on "my side" of the computer, so I never see my Blog listed.
I now most of you use these as a diary of sort and a sort of scrapbook, BUT Me.... I use facebook to communicate?
But mostly I like looking at everyone else blogs!

But here are some updated pictures of this year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So I am the idiot who forgot my camera on the 4th of July. We went to Clearfield firework (which were great). We did get 1 picture of Evan with a dragonfly on his hat. Just don't look too close he was eating pizza, it's written all over his face.
Guess there is always the 24th.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Char graduated Kindergarten!  My husband would say it is NO BIG DEAL, she has 12 more years left of school.  But she survived and not only that she learned quit a few things.  

This is Charlotte's teachers (left) Mrs. Morales her teachers aide and Spanish Teacher and Ms. Johnsen (right) or Mrs. Lingman (she got married just a few weeks ago) her main teacher.  Her teacher was so great and had the patience of a saint, you really would have to, to be able to put up with 48 5 to 6 years olds M-F.
This would be some of Char's friends at school: Grace, Andreina, Audrey, Ester, Brett and Char.

Doin' the Tootey Ta

And for EVAN........

The joys of potty training..... Evan has been doing OK with the potty training.  One of his favorite things to do is go potty and NOT put his clothes back on.  This day he decided to go out in the back yard and play with the DOG.  Luckily Matt had the camera handy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter has come..... a day early at our house (mommy has to work)!  So Saturday the Easter bunny came and we went to the Easter Egg hunt at Woods Cross Elementary.  It was fun, quick and Free.  Evan was very very excited last night that the Easter Bunny was coming, I think he giggled in his bed for a minute or so.  Char and Evan were also very concerned that our Cat might scare the Easter Bunny away "or maybe they are friends now." Very cute all in all.  I will have to post more pictures tomorrow of Char in her dress and Evan in whatever HE will let me put on him.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So instead of spending our 3 day weekend at home watching MORE TV we decided to pack up and head south where it was a little warmer.  We went and stayed at the Holiday Inn with an indoor/outdoor pool (it was heated) and we actually swam outside!  We then we and spent the day at Red Rock and went hiking.  Evan was a trooper, he didn't start whining until we were almost back.  Charlotte had a lot of fun, she thought she was so cool when we would let her get a head on the trail.  She also got to climb on a rope and go over where a small waterfall was.  Then it was on to shopping (for me), my husband, the great man he is took the kids to a park while I went to the outlets and shopped.  Then we took a short drive to Mesquite where we stayed at Matt's bosses condo (no charge).  And I'll tell you what that is really no fun with kids.  We took the kids to the arcade and then when it was time to find a place to eat, (we didn't want to eat at a casino) so we drove and drove and drove around, bar, bar, old Denny's, bar, finally we found a Pizza Hut place called "wing's street", it was well... a pizza hut.  Then our drive home.  It was a very fun weekend.

Monday, January 5, 2009

wow I guess it has been awhile!

So I just noticed that I had tons of pictures in my camera and that I haven't done a post in about a month.  So here are some random pictures from the past month.
This is Char's cute little dance outfit from her performance that she did at the beginning of December.  She did really good, except that her arm things would not stay on so she kept pulling them up rather that dancing.
Matt likes this picture, so I thought I would put it on here.   He says all the pictures of him on here he is being goofy and no one can ever see what he looks like.  So you be the judge, does Evan look like his daddy?
This is the only decent picture I got of my kids together during Christmas, this was actually Christmas Eve.  Evan had a cute little outfit that his Grammy bought him, but he wouldn't wear it, he has to pick his clothes out himself!
All Char wanted for Christmas was a paddle dog, she swims.....
And Evan got Gator Golf, that is all he wanted!  But he has yet to play with it, all he does is hit things with the golf clubs.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Evan's Big Boy Bed & YEAH FOR SNOW!

Evan got his Christmas present a little early, but we thought it would probably be a little hard to get all of the crib stuff out and a new bed made for him on Christmas eve night, that and we didn't want to store the mattresses.  So Evan go his BIG BOY BED this weekend.  He looked so big in his crib, but he just looks so small in a twin size bed.  But he loves it!  I tried to find something that could still (somewhat) match what his crib stuff was, so I found this cute set a target.  
What a good night sleep he is having in his new bed, where he can stretch his leg and his toes.
So after our one fluck snow day last month when the snow what melting as it hit the ground, we finally got SNOW!  It just did not feel like December or even close to christmas when you only have to wear a sweater out.  It needs to be freezing to feel like Christmas.  Now that it is here I can break out the hot cocoa and really get into the holiday season.
And if you really think these two are even close to angels.........
Evan is making his SCARY face, even with frozen hands, the boy would not put on gloves.